Shifting Offices In Short Time Period

Unlike with shifting homes, you do not always have a long time to prepare when shifting offices. In fact, in most cases, you will only have a day or two at maximum for the entire process. In fact, every day that you close your office and dedicate it to the shifting process is a day that your office is losing much needed money, while you are still going to be obliged to pay your employees and therefore you will not have a lot of time to plan and shift. With house moving, house owners have the ability to start well ahead of time and to plan every detail of their shifting a month ahead of time if they want to however, with office shifting it is going to be a little bit more complicated however, because you will have much less time. However, one thing you will have as an advantage will be the fact that you have a lot more people to help you out and therefore you will be able to get more work done within a short period of time.

Work over time

One way that you can get around it, is to have your staff work one day over time, where you can have a small party like atmosphere where you will be able to get together as an office and clear out your office. You may provide snacks and drinks, maybe in a pizza party like atmosphere. You will need to contact a removals company that will be able to help you during the moving process and possibly in the days leading up the moving process.

Most Brisbane removals companies will work according to a package. That is, some packages will be higher priced for a lot more services and a better vehicle while some packages will be lower price and may simply be for picking up your things and transporting them to the new office. You will need to decide what services you need when choosing the company and the package.

Put people in charge of tasks

Since you have a big staff, you may put each person in charge of their own station and of course in charge of certain tasks which will solely be their own responsibility. You may use the moving day to be a sort of team building experience and experiment for your staff where they will be able to work in a team to get things done as soon as possible in the most efficient way possible. You may even reward points.