Beach And Rainforest Adventures At Port Douglas

If you wish to have a tropical holiday destination this summer, you cannot go wrong with a destination like Port Douglas. This is a popular holiday destination in northern Queensland in Australia. With a rich tropical landscape and beaches that want you to lie around all day long, get the most of the sun and the sea at this holiday destination. 

What to look forward to?

At Port Douglas there are no arrangements to be made from before as this place has it all in plenty. You can simply take a bus from Cairns Airport to Port Douglas when you arrive here; with the multitude of accommodation places here, simply pick and choose a place of your choice which can be easily booked online. With several five star beach hotels here, you could take your pick among favored addresses like the Four Mile Beach that helps you get the best of the beach side views in this area. There are indulgent spas to relax at as well as succulent meals at hotels and popular restaurants that will help you tuck into varied meals at different times of the day and night.

Popular tourist destinations here

Port Douglas proves to be the perfect spot from where you can explore all rich natural landscapes in the Cairns region. Plan a day of discovery of the Great Barrier Reefs from here as well as the beaches located by Cape Tribulation or the rainforest areas at Daintree. With convenient charter tours available in the region, you need not spend much time planning. These organized tours usually cover all the scenic and important places in a relaxed mode and at convenient prices.

Choosing the best rides around the city

When you are at a holiday destination you should not be stuck worrying about rides to talk about town. With convenient shuttle rides to and from the airport as well as charter tours to take you about town, all your major travel needs are covered by the rental agencies that operate here. You can also choose to get a ride of your choice or book a ride as and when you wish to visit an eatery in town or simply go about town as you wish to. With the flexibility of rides and cheap rates, you need not worry about transportation when you are in Port Douglas. The above points will help you plan a quick trip to this region without much preparation. With exciting beach side activities to indulge in as well as scenic landscapes all around with sunny days, it would definitely be the perfect summer holiday destination for you.